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Extras and deleted scenes. Like on a DVD! Or that other kind of circle-thing that isn't Netflix.

Deleted chapter: “I Stay For Me”

Madeline and Sofie play a board game. Lingual shenanigans ensue. Football and dancing and "spaced" ships.

Once upon a time, this came between "How's Your Chi Today?" and "A Kind of Magic". It was cut to help speed things up, and certain details were moved to "Epic Six" instead. 4,000 words.

Coming soon...

Mark at Holly Madeline Parker's grave

“A Girl Like That”

What Mark really did after the shocking news he overheard on Christmas Eve.

Madeline discovers Sydney's garden

Deleted scene: “Sydney”

When Madeline is snooping around, she finds Sydney is hiding in her office.

This got cut for a few reasons. One being that it tells a fair amount of Sydney's backstory. And since Sydney's going to have her own book relatively soon, it seemed redundant to leave it here. (This is a reduced-spoilers version.)

A shiny blue star called 'Spica'