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These are songs that the book was either written to, fit really well, or remind me of Maddy & co.

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A few I listened to while writing ‘em.

  Chapter 2 - “Lost”
Divenire - Ludovico Einaudi A beautiful, mournful piece. The sound of her feelings.

  Chapter 4 - “That Night”
Magic (Jasmine Thompson Cover) - Coldplay Call it magic, call it true / I call it magic when I'm with you / And I just got broken, broken into two / Still I call it magic, when I'm next to you

  Chapter 7 - “All Kinds of Courage” and...
  Chapter 21 - “Haunted”
The Dark Bank of Clouds - Ludovico Einaudi It's a beautiful, haunting piece. If music is a language, this describes her feelings in these chapters perfectly. Especially around 0:33.

  Chapter 9 - “Thirteen Days of Hesitation”
Sort of Revolution (Cinematic Orchestra Remix) - Fink Let me know when we get there... if we get there...

  Chapter 12 - “The Chateau”
A Whole New World (Aladdin) - Late Night Alumni Goes without saying, really. And this cover is incredible.
The Universal (Blur) - The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra This just sounds like the Chateau feels to me. Especially with Sofie around.

  Chapter 13 - “A Huge Mistake”
Mistake - Late Night Alumni Is this the great escape? / Why can't I bend and break? / Would this be what they call a mistake?

  Chapter 18 - “A Proper Date”
Bittersweet Symphony (Orchestral) - The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra How's that for a metaphorically resonant title?
And the orchestra gives it a grand, fancy feel.

  Chapter 20 - “A Kind of Magic”
Maddy: The This This - Late Night Alumni It's the good "this", the sweet "this" / The "this" I still believe in / I think I love this. Mark: Magic (Kina Grannis Cover) - Coldplay A bit more mournful version for Mark... He misses her so much.

Chapter 21 - It's up there with Chapter 7

  Chapter 22 - “Tying Knots”
Maddy: Mistake - Late Night Alumni This track again, but for very different reasons this time.
Something here doesn't feel right / I want to say it's a premonition, but maybe it's just a bad decision / If I was on, then something's off—Is there a line that I've crossed?
Mark: Dearly Beloved - Songe Another fitting title, and a piece full of love and heartbreak.
(This also applies to his deleted scene.)

  Chapter 23 - “Epic Six”
Stars - Ulrich Schnauss The sound is perfect for an epic run. And the lyrics resonate with most of the book.
Losing with every step I take / Losing with every move I make / Turn into everything I hate / Losing with every move I make
Looking at the stars, see that they move on / `Cause I'm not sure if you miss me when I'm gone

  Chapters 24 - 29
These share a lot of similarity, so I'll just put a few of the ones I played on repeat for days while writing them.
Orbits - Ludovico Einaudi Haunting and emotional, and with a cyclical, countdown-like sound. Primavera - Ludovico Einaudi Hope, fear, and struggle mix throughout this whole piece. One of Einaudi's most popular pieces. Midnight - Coldplay In the darkness before the dawn, leave a light, a light on...

  Chapter 30 - “This Is How It Ends” (And 31 - “Missed”)
Bye Bye Mon Amour - Ludovico Einaudi A piece effectively titled "Goodbye, My Love"? Yeah, I'd say that fits. Like most of Einaudi's work, it's full of emotion. There's a little magic/mystery going on in the background, and it trails off with a strong sense of finality... but without quite finishing. The Escapist - Coldplay And in the end / we like awake / as we dream of making our escape...
There's an instrument in the background that sounds like the rain falling around her. If there was one song I listened to while writing this chapter, it's this one.
Only a Few Things - Above & Beyond, Zoƫ Johnston This song is nothing but beautiful. And I cannot listen to it without crying. Ever. It's really hard to choose only one lyric sample too. But here goes:
So if I cannot tell you—if the words I do not find—I want you to know / There are only a few things I will be carrying / In my memory when I go
So I will tell you now/ In case you don't know / You will be with me... when I go

  Chapter 32 - “Wake”
Rose - Ludovico Einaudi It's pretty clear within the first few seconds why this works.

  Chapter 33 - “Painkillers for Broken Hearts”
I Remember - Haley Remember turning on the night / And moving through the morning light / Remember how it was with you / Remember how you pulled me through...

  Chapter 34 - “Found”
Life in Technicolor - Coldplay Starts off just like The Escapist above, but turns into something hopeful and bright. Almost like a... new beginning?

Here's a Spotify playlist
(with as many as I could find there)


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This is the most important song

All About Your Heart - Mindy Gledhill
You are brighter than the stars
Believe me when I say
It's not about your scars
It's all about your heart

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Songs that remind me of Maddy and her friends

Finally Found - Late Night Alumni There's something about the term "metaphorically resonant" that I find... resonant.

  Mark & Maddy: You Can Be The One - Late Night Alumni You can be the one I love / And I can be the one you long for...
He can be the one she wants, and she can be the one he loves.
And while we're here, let's talk about...

  The Pretty Amazing Live Version
From the concert they may or may not have gone to together. It might have been freaking incredible. And also the first and best concert of her life. And it might have been Sydney's idea since LNA is her favorite band. And maybe everyone else went too but made sure to give M&M a little space to .
I'm just saying it's possible.

Mark: So Long, So Long - Dashboard Confessional ...The girls can turn to ghosts before your eyes / And the very dreams that led to them are keeping them from dying / And how the grace with which she walked into your life / Will stay with you in your steps, and pace with you a while

  The Chateau: Clementine - Washington It sounds like life there. And Madeline loves the style of photography in the video.
She uses it to make real-life people look like Lego figurines. How could she not love that?

These are tracks Maddy definitely has on her phone:

I Will Possess Your Heart - Death Cab For Cutie You reject my advances... and desperate pleas /
I won't let you... let me down... so easily.

Talk - Coldplay Are you lost or incomplete? /
Do you feel like a puzzle, you can't find your missing piece?

Different - Acceptance I wanted to see something that's different / Something you said would change in me / Wanted to be anything different / Everything you would change in me

 Sofie: Nyan Cat - The Epic Movie Orchestration - Blake Robinson Energetic. Glorious. Maddening.

If you're not a fan of Coldplay—as some people aren't—just pretend you never saw this page. K thx.

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Little footnote things:
Okay, just one more time for legal: These soundtracks are unofficial. Maximum unofficial-ness. So there's no endorsement or anything. There might even be negative endorsement for all I know.

Also, all copyrighted works belong to the copyright owners. Shocking, I know. And yet these things still need to be said. Sigh. Whatever. I'm getting some pudding. Do you want some too? Of course you do.

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